The Immersion

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

Full Body Bliss is our birthright

Knowing your own sensuality is a part of self-love and care

When we learn about these parts of ourself,

We reclaim our truth and power, awakening us to our sensual soul.

This is a day where you will learn the tools to coming back to yourself and creating freedom in your body, PLUS a LIVE demonstration on how to awaken this with a partner

The day:

10am – 4pm:

Tantric Embodiment:

– Tantric theory, philosophy and understanding the inner marriage (this information is powerful at understand what you’re attracting in your life and how to take your power back both inside and outside of the bedroom)

– Tantric Practices Learn how to release blocked energy that is keeping you from Emotional Freedom and Full Body Bliss with different tools and techniques to awaken and activate your energy

– Embodiment and healing practices

– Sexual Education: Learning about Self-Pleasure and how to Tantrically unlock your body and your full body bliss

5 – 9pm:

The evening will turn into ritual as we enter into sacred space as you are guided on a journey into Sacred Eroticism in your connection with self

Sacred Eroticism:

– Erotic Dance and Movement

– Awakening the senses

– Creating ritual with your self pleasure

– A guided sensual touch journey to activate your eros and aliveness and self-love

– Healing to reconnect the mind-heart-sex centres with activated sound bowl healing and ceremony

(This will be aimed at awakening the body beyond the genitals and will focus on pleasure as a state of being, not goal orientated stimulation to learn how to move the energy through the body, reclaiming your sexual life force)

– A LIVE demonstration on how to do this on another being and help each other reach Full Body Bliss

This day will help:

– Learn about true self-care in an embodied way

– Learning how to regulate our emotions and inner relationship

– Empowering our sexual health and healing our body with the power of our sensuality

– Real shifts and healing as we will literally be shifting the frequency of our cells

– Tantric Bodywork with a partner (great for couples or beings who want to learn more on how to hold this space with another)

This is going to be a POWERFUL DAY!

If you are ready to know all levels of yourself –

Mentally – Physically – Emotionally – Spiritually – Sexually and how to hold this space for another….

reclaim your pleasure and your power, then this is the immersion where you can do this.

Limited Spaces to keep the container as potent as possible

Tea and Evening food will be provided. BYO Lunch

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