The Temple Night

When: 13th March 6:30pm

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

Then get ready for an evening of magic!

In ancient times, exploring our sensuality was just as normal in our society as going to the shops. We used to have temples where men and women would come to heal, go through initiations, celebrate and explore their sensuality

This is an EXCLUSIVE mixed gendered temple night aimed to cater to beginners of the tantric realms to bring you the tools and space to explore sensuality in a safe and playful way

Connection and intimacy is as innate human NEED and it’s time we reclaim it!

This evening will include:

– Some fun interactive tantric games to get you exploring connection and learning the important stuff like consent and boundaries

– A guided sensual embodied journey into self with MoonRose Mickie

– Demos and Transmissions to ignite your imagination

– Lots of space to connect with others and cuddle puddle space!

– Trained Priestesses in the space to assist and guide you into sensual magic

Dress Code: Dress to ignite your sensuality 🌹 Red is always a favourite 🙏💕


We will be monitoring to ensure numbers are even, this is perfect for couples who are looking to learn some fun basics together. Tickets may be refunded if numbers are too out of balance

Location will be sent upon confirmation of ticket

This is a SAFE exploratory space, any inappropriate and non consentual behaviour will not be tolerated to create a comfortable space for all. You will be asked to leave and by purchasing this ticket you agree to abide by the rules of the space.

This is not a ‘full exploration’ space, we are learning the basics and connecting from a place of playful sensuality…some nudity may be involved but this is no genital penetration will be permitted (we are here to show you the tools…once you leave the space you can go as far as you like with them 💕)

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