The Session

Both Men and Women Welcome

**Nudity involved: Consent and Boundaries discussed

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

We take a step back in time and enter the ancient temples of the Tantrika as we go on a journey to waakening the Goddess within

This is a Sensual Shamanic experience as you let go and allow yourself to experience different layers of your being.

This session is for those who are wanting to experience, integrate and understanding their eros or sexual energy in new and different ways

Your sexual energy can be utilized for rejuvenating the cells and healing the body and is one of the most powerful energies we have access to!

Full Body Bliss is available to all of us in every cell of our being, it is time to awaken this part of who you are because pleasure is a state of being and to allow yourself to experience of erotic peace and deeper intimacy in our lives.

This session is more about the experience then the theoretical aspects, if you’d like to learn about Tantra, The Journey is where you can receive Tantric Teachings

This journey may include:

  • Sensual Meditative Journey
  • Reconnecting the Heart and Sex Journey
  • Tantric Somatic Bodywork
  • Tantric Practices and Techniques such as Breathewrok
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Erotic Embodiment
  • Archetypal Work and Ritual
  • Energy Healing and Clearing
  • Intimacy and Connection Practices
  • Yoni Dearmoring/ Lingham Dearmouring
  • Sound Healing and Clearing
  • Awakening Kundalini

And so much more as each session is tailored to your needs!

An online session is recommended prior to this session if this work is new for you

*Note: This is NOT just a Tantric Massage, although it may include aspects of this, this journey is aimed at experience sexual shamanic states of being and awakening full body bliss in your being

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

180 min $333 AUD

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