The Session

Are you ready to unlock the magic within and awaken your Sensual Soul?

Enter the Temple of the Divine Feminine and be taken on a journey into the truth of your erotic nature

This is session is a Tantric Shamanic experience as you let go and allow yourself to journey through different layers of your being, with the intention of reconnecting your mind-heart-sex and awakening your body to its full body blissful potential.

This session is for those who are wanting to experience, integrate and understanding their eros or sexual energy in new and different ways as we unfold the ancient sensual mysteries.

Your sensual energy can be utilized for rejuvenating the cells and healing the body and is one of the most powerful energies we have access to! (including the power to manifest with intentionally)

Full Body Bliss is available to all of us in every cell of our being, it is time to awaken this part of who you are because pleasure is a state of being and to allow yourself to experience of erotic peace

This session is more about the experience then the theoretical aspects, if you’d like to learn about Tantric Shamanic Practices and Philosophy, then an online session is a great place to start.

This journey may include:

– Sensual Meditative Journey

– Tantric Somatic Bodywork

– Tantric Practices and Techniques

– Emotional Release Tools and Techniques

– Erotic Embodiment and Activation – Dance and Embodiment witnessing

– Archetypal Work and Ritual

– Yoni/Lingham Dearmouring

– Energy Healing and Clearing

– Intimacy and Connection Practices

– Sound Healing and Clearing

– Awakening Kundalini

– And so much more as each session is tailored to your needs!

An online session is recommended prior to this session if this work is new for you

Wherever we are in our process of healing and integration, awakening to a spiritual path or just wanting to know our own bodies or self on a deeper level in some way, our sexuality is a gate we will always arrive at on our journey, because it is an expression that is a part of who we are. Our sexual energy is life force energy that we can not only learn to understand, but reclaim as a part of our self mastery.

Our eros can be used to transmute emotions, stagnant energy and bring health and vitality to our mind, body and soul. In its highest potentiality this can be used with quantum realm of understanding manifestation and the law of the attraction.

This is a powerful energy to understand and reclaim

This session is for men, women and couples aswell

*Note: This is NOT just a Tantric Massage, although it may include aspects of this body of work, this journey is aimed at experiencing sexual shamanic states of being and awakening full body bliss and the power of reconnecting your mind-heart-sex centres. this is a gate we will come to on our journey of self-development and personal growth to be honoured and respected

**Nudity involved, consent and boundaries discussed prior, this is not a Full Sexual Service or with the intention of release, This is about understanding sexual energy and new paradigms of experiencing it in different ways, this is not about a goal, this is about the journey

Location: Gold Coast Region

180 mins $260 AUD

For in person sessions, please contact us for bookings and enquiries. When contacting, please send preferred times, available dates and contact details

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