Are you ready to experience your Sensual Soul?

Let’s take a step back in time and enter the Temple of the Divine Feminine

Our body has the potential to experience Full Body Bliss, it exists within every cell of our being

Level 1 is aimed at Tantra and the Light Erotic, turning on these aspects of our being through a sensual shamanic experience, awakening the senses to our potential.

Weaving Tantra and Shamanism together, allows the experience to flow in each moment for exactly what your mind, body and soul needs, allowing this to be a truly deep, sensual and profound experience

When we let go of the goal, surrender to the moment and allow ourselves to soften, the energy can unravel and flow and the healing can occur in the mind, body and soul

Be taken on a journey as you drop into your ability to just receive and allow yourself to awaken the Goddess within

This session may include:

– Sensual Meditation, Guidance and Journey

– Somatic Bodywork

– Emotional Release Tools and Techniques

– Kundalini Activation and Awakening

– Practices such as various guided breathwork

– Mind – Heart – Sex Centre Reconnection

– Embodiment and Ritual

– Intimacy and Connection Practices

– Yoni/ Lingham Dearmouring

– Archetype and Erotic Dance Witnessing and Transmissions

– Energy Clearing and Healing, Sex Centre Clearing, Cord Releasing, Ancestral Clearing etc.

– And so much more!

This is less about theory (those can be found in the Online Session) and more about an embodied somatic experience

Whos this for?

  • Beings who are wanting to experience Tantra as an experience
  • Lacking energy, feel depressed lost or disconnected to who they are, this can show up sexually as vaginal numbness or pain in women and erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men.
  • Trauma in the body that they are ready to heal or release
  • Wanting to start their journey in experiencing Full Body Bliss
  • Women:Who are feeling disconnected from their sexuality, yoni (a sanskrit word for vagina) and their pleasure who want to own their divine feminine and their birthright to feel pleasure for healing, intimacy and manifesting in their lives.
  • Men: Who want to master and reclaim their sexual energy in different and powerful ways that can allow them the freedom of deeper pleasure, intimacy and power in their lives and relationships. This can help with issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, intimacy issues, general depression and anxiety issues, lack of self worth, relationship issues and manifesting abilities as a conscious creation
  • Couples: Who want to experience deeper states of pleasure, intimacy and connection together. Beings who want to learn how to take their partner in to full body pleasure through this practice

Nudity may be involved, boundaries and consent discussed prior to session

This is a truly beautiful session that can reconnect you to your sensuality and this sexual expression, as we use the breath, sound and movement to come back into our sensual truth

This session is based around the ‘lighter’ side of Tantra

Both men, women and couples welcome as the journey is tailored to yours needs

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

2.5 hr Session

$300AUD for individual

$400 AUD for Couples

*Note: This is NOT an erotic massage, there is no climatic orgasmic goal in this experience. If we wish to experience the opportunity for expanded states of bliss such as full body orgasms, the intention for this session is allow you to experience your erotic energy in new and different ways that can allow you to experience different states of bliss that may not have been accessible to you before.