Level 2 – Tantric Kink Journey

Are you ready to experience your Sensual Soul?

To expand your mind and pleasure in new and different ways?

There is so much taboo around the ideas we have around what kink means and how we can explore these aspects of ourselves in health ways to understand ourselves and our journey deeper

In its truth, aspects such as impact play can be used a somatic experience to release stagnant energy in the body and how tantra can be incorporated in ways that can allow us to experience deeper states of bliss, peace and pleasure in ways that allow us to heal these parts of ourselves as we awaken the body and our being in different ways

This session may include:

– Tantric Somatic Bodywork

– Conscious Kink practices such as impact play – using different styles of touch and experiences on the body, Shibari Rope and other types of restraint

– Conscious Kink practices such as role play – Such as Divine Dominance, Sensual Submission and God/Goddess worship

– Consent and Boundaries, communicating in a healthy direct way

– Emotional Release Tools and Techniques

– Kundalini Activation and Awakening

– Mind – Heart – Sex Centre Reconnection

– Embodiment and Ritual

– Modalities such as types of breathwork

– Releasing shame around our sexuality and conditioning around its expressions

– Archetype and Erotic Dance Witnessing and Transmissions

– And so much more!

This is less about learning theory and more about an embodied somatic experience

Nudity involved, boundaries and consent discussed prior to session

This is a truly beautiful session that dives deep into healing our shadows, reclaiming our power and expression and giving ourselves permission to explore different ways to experience energy

*Note this is NOT a full kink service, this is for individals who are looking more to weave tantric and kink elements together to have deeper states of experienced bliss or wanting to explore kink in a safe, conscious or softer way.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

2.5 hour

$400 AUD for Individuals

$500 AUD for Couples


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