Circle for Women

When: Sunday 28th February, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

Beautiful Woman…this is the circle you’ve been looking for

Our sensual self is a divine part of who we are, when we have space to soften into this, we get to meet the places where our erotic expression meets divinity…including awakening the animal!

In this series of circles, we will be diving into the sexual education you didnt receive, with each circle having a different theme and area of sexuality to explore, understand and embrace in a safe and shame-free way

In this first circle the theme is ‘Reclaiming Erotic Innocence’

Our Sexuality is inherently innocent, it is life that places imprints of ideals, dogma, programs and trauma that leave us disconnected from the truth of our sexual energy

In this first circle we will be covering the basics around:

– Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony to Awaken your Sensuality

– The Gateways of Pleasure: Orgasmic Education

– Releasing the programming that separates the feminine: The Mother and The Whore Complex and how this is effecting your relationships

– Discover news to open your body and redefine self pleasure, including tantric practices to unlock the pathways to Full Body Bliss

– Embodiment practices to awaken your eros

– A blindfolded guided sensual embodiment journey to reconnect your sex and heart to leave you feeling alive and tingling and to awaken all your senses

This is going to be a really beautiful space to rediscover these parts of you and how your turn on guides you through this life

Reclaiming this part is the first step in reclaiming your potentiality and true orgasmic power

This is a womens only event and a safe container to re-educate yourself around your sexuality and to explore inwardly

Limited Spaces Only

*Nudity is not required, this is more of journey into awakening the senses and the energies within the tantric pathways in the body

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