The Awakening

The Sensual Awakening is a portal based around combining spirituality, science and sexuality together, through weaving Tantric and Shamanic elements together to reconnect our sensuality so we may experience the eros of our soul for both men and women in ways that allow us to understand the science of sex magick.

This space was created with the intention to integrate our sexuality awith our spiritual journey. We live in a day and age where more and more beings are ‘awakening’ to something deeper, we are understanding more as the science catches up with the woo-woo, we are becoming conscious of our reality, including our expression as a divine creator of our own reality and the part your sexuality can play within that.

The energy and multidimensional existence is becoming more real within our experience, and this space was intended to help educate, create and expand your mind and your pleasure, and how they are connected to your experience as a soul. This is another path to awakening to the truth of our potentiality and expression of that, which includes the understanding of sexual energy.

If you are on a spiritual journey, your sexuality is a gateway you will reach that holds keys and wisdom to the mystery and power of your potentiality and reality.

It is time to unlock the magic within and awaken your Sensual Soul in some very real ways!

We do this through:


– Readings, Sessions, Programs and Masterclasses

The in person events

The Community – Social Media and other avenues such as podcast and Youtube

The Products – all consciously chosen to help you on your journey of sensual awakening

This movement has been created to expand, connect, inspire, educate and communicate a healthy message in remembering the truththat exists within our erotic nature so you can start living the full passionate and pleasurable life you deserve to live, along with the power of creating with your sexual energy when you reclaim it.

– Expand:

The intention of this space to expand our awareness and experience with our sexual life force energy and how we choose to relate with that both outside and in the bedroom, including concepts like manifesting and the law of attraction.

By expanding our awareness, we shift our experience, through sexual education, online programs and in person somatic experiences, we can change the way we view our sexuality and what it means to activate this part of us

– Connect:

By creating this space, we can bring together all the amazing souls who are bringing this message such as Tantra Practitioners and various experts in their fields, to bring you, the community, everything you need in one place.  By doing this we can connect you with the right beings along your journey of erotic integration. By creating this space we are giving you PERMISSION to take an interest and understand your pleasure and how it effects your life. We can create a community that allows these topics a safe space to be understood and experienced

– Inspire:

When we are inspired, the flame of our soul is ignited! We aim to inspire your sensual soul to awaken in your life, whether that’s through the performance experience, the workshops or even just our social media channels, we intend to leave you feeling empowered and excited to reclaim your sensual truth and power!

– Educate:

Knowledge is power, when we choose to be open to receiving it and doing something with it! Our erotic energy is a topic that has been vastly misunderstood, shamed and shunned within our modern day society, leaving us with a lack of education and understanding in self on these topics. This movement is designed to bring you the education you never received on all levels of your sexuality, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Through know ourselves deeper, we can have a more intimate understanding of who we are, intimacy with who others are and life in general, giving us the freedom and empowerment to be our greatest potential and live the pleasurable life we deserve to live!

– Communicate:

Communication is everything! We are committed to communicating these topics in real tangible ways that can be understood and accessible to everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.

We aim to spread this message and touch as many lives as possible! We are honoured to have you here, we are grateful that you are taking an interest in reconnecting your heart with your erotic nature and we are excited to create a ripple in the world to inspire a new paradigm of how we relate to our sexuality!

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