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Do you want to learn more about how to achieve Full Body Bliss and not sure where to start?

Come along for this taster evening where you can experience what goes on behind the doors of a Tantric Body Worship Session

Learn how to unlock someones body into deeper states of bliss in real ways

This workshop includes:

– Explanation of Full Body Orgasms, what they are and how it effects the body

– A Live Tantric Body Worship Demo on a Male Body

– Q & A with both the giver and receiver

You will learn:

– Consent and Boundaries, setting the container for a safe experience

– Science of the body – holding space for trauma release and energy work

– Techniques as opening the body, lingam dearmouring and other somatic practices to open to Full Body Bliss

– How to hold space for altered states of consciousness

This is great for practitioners and healers who want to learn more about holding sacred erotic space or tantric bodywork

It is also powerful for couples who want to learn how to experience expanded states of pleasure and how to open their partners body to full body bliss

This is also great for those who may be curious about getting a session for themselves but want to know more about what is involved

Your Host

MoonRose Mickie

MoonRose is a professional Tantric Embodiment and Sacred Erotic Teacher who has been expanding beings into Full Body Bliss across Australia. MoonRose has a passion with sharing a healthy message in Sexuality and has been featured in many festivals and events around Tantra and Embodiment.

“It is a part of my souls purpose to awaken us to our deepest truth, that we are Sensual Beings to our very core, it is our birthright to experience bliss in every cell of our being!”

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