The Workshop

Date/ Time: 12th January, 2020 6pm – 10pm

Location: The Merkava, Tallebudgera Valley

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

To feel turned on in your life and body?

To feel magnetic, radiant and sexy?

Are you ready to have a love affair with yourself?

To remember your feminine power?

We can lose our spark and fire as life can become stale and stagnant…

This can show up in our life with lacking desire, feelings of unworthiness, depression, anxiety…a lost sense of self and poor self image as we are living a life from fear rather than PASSION and LOVE!

It is our sensuality that attracts life,

That magnetises our experience and ALIVENESS!

Have you noticed how some women just ‘stand out’ that goes beyond how good their body is or how ‘pretty’ they are?

Sexy goes beyond how perfect your body is,

its an energy,

A state of being,

An attraction point that life responds to,

It’s an embodied confidence that CAN be tapped in to

…and we want to show you the secrets to how this works….

We want to give you the tools to reclaim your fire and embody your own unique sensual magic!

What this can help with:

– Confidence and Presence

– Self Love – Intimacy with life

– Awakening the Body to Full Body Bliss

– Opening to your feminine radiance and power

– Learning the laws of attraction and magnetism for more ease and flow in your life

– Reconnecting with your womb and the innate intelligence of the body

– Finding emotional and erotic freedom

– Feeling aliveness and sensuality in your body

– Reclaiming your life force and body

– Wellbeing mind-body-soul: releasing anxiety, trauma and depression

– Letting go of old beliefs around our erotic nature – finding the sacredness within your sensuality

– Feeling sexy in your expression

– Raising your vibration and releasing stagnation of the cells of your body

– And so much more!

If you are ready to feel good in your body and for life to respond to your feminine radiance, then this is the workshop you have been looking for

Through sacred and tantric practices and arts, sensual education and embodiment secrets, we will have you leaving feeling inspired and connected as you start to awaken to your sensual soul

MoonRose Mickie

MoonRose is a professional Tantric Embodiment and Sacred Erotic Teacher who has been expanding beings into Full Body Bliss across Australia. MoonRose has a passion with sharing a healthy message in Sexuality and has been featured in many festivals and events around Tantra and Embodiment.

“It is a part of my souls purpose to awaken us to our deepest truth, that we are Sensual Beings to our very core, it is our birthright to experience bliss in every cell ofr our being!”

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