MoonRose Mickie

MoonRose Mickie is the creatrix of The Sensual Awakening

MoonRose is a Tantric Healer, Erotic Artist, Educator, Performer and Awakener

Trained in the Tantric Temple Arts and a passion for sharing Sensual Education, MoonRose Mickie dedicates her life to expanding beings minds and pleasure potential so they can live in their sensual truth

“One of the deepest truths in life is we are sensual beings to our very core. Sensuality is ability to awaken the senses and to FEEL. When we embrace this truth we can access the depth of our bliss and the intimacy we deserve to experience with yourself, others and life…” – MoonRose M.

MoonRose Mickie has travelled across Australia running workshops, performing and guest speaking at events such as Sexpo and Taste of Love. She is based on the Gold Coast in Australia

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