The Session

Are you ready to unlock the Magic within?

Maybe you are feeling a little lost and just want some guidance?

The truth is people don’t need healing, they need love, to experience it and remember it within themselves….

Before we can think about our sexual desires, our emotional health is an important factor (and directly connected to our worthiness in experiencing pleasure in life) to our general wellbeing and is the staple to our happiness.

If the heart is closed, lost or confused, it can be difficult to hear our souls whispers and express our unique expression of the universe.

This session is powerful too as we live in a day and age that the science has caught up with the woo-woo and we understand that everything is energy. Living in a universe that is made of vibrational frequencies as its foundation means we can heal and clear out on those levels too, that will have the law of cause and effect on the matter or physical realm.

Through Shamanic tools and healing, we can tap into what may be in the way of you living in alignment with your soul and overall well being

This can open us to aligning with our purpose, soul aligned relationships and emotional well being, along with learning practices that can enhance your daily life.

We all deserve to experience joy and happiness, love and intimacy within our lives.

This session may include:

  • Clearing and acknowledging limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, conditioning etc. around pleasure
  • Heart Activation and Coherence
  • Auric Field Clearing
  • Connecting with your intuition and soul purpose
  • Psychic and Subconscious Clearings and Reprogramming
  • Sound Healing and Guided Shamanic Journey
  • Distance Energy Healing
  • Ancestral Clearings and Timeline Healing
  • Past Life Clearing and Activations
  • Soul Retrieval and Realignment
  • Soul Reading and Spiritual Guidance
  • Cord Releasing
  • Entity and Attachment Awareness and Removal
  • Yoga and Traditional Tantric Practices
  • Shifting the vibration and consciousness into higher states of awareness
  • Shifting your relationship with your emotions in general
  • Shadow Work
  • Love and Relationship Guidance
  • Emotional Release Tools and Techniques
  • Self love practices and techniques
  • and so much more!

Sometimes all we need is some guidance on our soul journey towards finding peace within our heart and path

This session is for your souls wellbeing and the health of the other layers of your body that get overlooked beyond the physical, along with the healing power that the vibration of love can offer us

This may help with:

  • Feeling depressed, fatigued, low in energy
  • Struggling with emotions and expressing them
  • Struggling to let go of the past
  • Wanting to learn or connect with spiritual, tantric or shamanic practices
  • Wanting spiritual guidance and healing

This session is done via video chat from anywhere in the world

Both Men and Women Welcome

75 mins $111 AUD

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