Erotic Embodiment Program

The Sensual Awakening: Erotic Embodiment

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

Then you are definitely in the right place!

This program is for those who are wanting to go deeper than level 1 and are ready to include their sexuality in that journey

You may have watched the masterclass which you can find below

Some of the benefits of this journ

Sensual Awakening Erotic Embodiment

The Outline:

Week 1: Initiation Ceremony and Preparation

Week 2: The Light Feminine

Spirit – Erotic Innocence

Animal – The Submissive

Week 3: The Dark Feminine

Spirit – The Seductress

Animal – The Wild Woman

Week 4: The Queen

Spirit– The Tantric Priestess

Animal – The Erotic Earth Goddess

Week 5:  The Light Masculine

Spirit – The Erotic Healer

Animal – The Lover

Week 6: The Dark Masculine

Spirit – The Erotic Warrior

Animal – The Dominant

Week 7: The King

Spirit: The Shiva

Animal: The Lion

Week 8: The Divine Union

Spirit: The Cosmic Orbit

Animal: The White Tiger

Each week we will be diving into the energetic and erotic dynamics, sexual expression and practices with self and a partner, this can be one of the most potent educational containers around these topics you may experience as we weave the sacred with the erotic. By learning about these parts of yourself, you are truly reclaiming one of the most potent (and shamed) parts of yourself. This can help you deepen and heal your relationship with yourself and others in ways that can change your whole life, including your pleasure potential and orgasmic experience

Each Week includes:

  • An Online Masterclass
  • Online Clearing Session
  • 2 weekly embodiment transmissions of each area mentioned
  • 2 months Free Access to ‘The Sensual Awakening’ Students Only Section
  • Access to Level 1 Content

Investment: $555 AUD (valued at over 2k) Payment Plan available

Limited spaces for this potent container!

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