The Reading

Both Men and Women Welcome

Curious about embracing your sensuality?

Perhaps you want to know more about Tantra and the benefits it can have in your life?

Maybe you are feeling a little lost and just want some guidance?

Don’t know where to start?

In this 30 minute reading, we go into the subconscious mind and start to clear out the main areas that are blocking you from receiving pleasure in your life

This alone can be powerful enough to bring the shifts in your being that can:

– Release old beliefs, Programs, Emotions and States of Being that no longer serve you that are holding you back from experience more intimacy and pleasure in your life

– Expand your awareness in ways that you didn’t know existed before

– Bring healing to the layers of your being

– Reconnect your sex and heart centres

– Start achieving Full Body Pleasure

– Relationship Guidance and Healing

– Education and Healing that can change how you relate to yourself and others

– Card Reading and Spiritual Advice included

– Kundalini Activation and Guidance

If you are ready to start your journey into embodying your sensuality and enjoy a full body blissful life, then this is the place to start

30 min $70 AUD

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